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19th April 2021.

To cut a long story short, I am upgrading this website's template to a mobile responsive format. The new website format will dynamically adjust the webpages to suit the type of device being used to access our pages (smartphone, tablet or desktop).

I am also taking the opportunity to standardise the overall website to conform with our other sites. See Sister Sites at the bottom of the page.

If using a smartphone, turn the device to a horizontal orientation. This will display many more features of the page versus vertical orientation. Ooo neat eh!

To conform with the other sites I need to add more pages such as a sitemap, privacy page, disclaimer page, etc.

This all takes time and I have 6 sites to maintain and upgrade to the current format.

Good luck with the covid virus.

Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Vitamin D, COVID Prophylaxis (IMASK+ Protocol)

(COVID Coronavirus Silver Bullet?) FLCCC Alliance testifies to senate committee

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