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Welcome to our Canadian Directory service. This directory is derived from the Canadian component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Blackpages Canada Inc. - Information about black and Caribbean businesses in Canada. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - A directory of Filipino businesses that cater to the Philippine community. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Buy Canuck - Directory of Canadian web sites organized by industry and location. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canada Food Directory - A directory of information about Canada's food business, including wineries, restaurants and delivery web directory. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Canadian directory of links to business, travel and tourism, and real estate. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • CanadaOne Directory - An open database of Canadian businesses, which takes submissions of new organizations from users. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Business Directory - A directory of businesses and services, categorized and listed by location. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Private Investigators Resource Centre - Directory of Canadian investigative resources including private investigators, bodyguards, security guards and consultants, forensic consultants, polygraph and research Services. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Trade Index - Directory of Canadian-based manufacturers, available in print, CD-Rom and online. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Network of web sites for the party, wedding and event industry. Includes an event specific search engine of local businesses. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Cylex Business Directory - Reviews of businesses across Canada, submitted by users. Free registration. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Directory of Canadian manufacturers and distributors from various industries. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Esource Canada - Search industrial companies by name, city or industry. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Ethical Consumer Canada - Resources for green conscious consumers and values-based business information, education, and networking. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Export.Ca - Offers searchable import and export company directory as well as trade events information. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Filipino Canadian Business Directory - Listing of Filipino owned or operated businesses in Canada, and seeks additional listings of qualified businesses. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Features news articles and information for Canada's commercial fisheries and related industries, and includes a directory of companies. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • For Home Pros - Lists real estate agents and brokers by province and city. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Classified advertising and directory for Canadian businesses. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • India Gold Pages - Gateway to Indian businesses across the country, categorized and by major centres. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • IranBusiness.Ca - A directory of Iranian businesses and services in Canada. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • IT Vendors Directory Canada - List of Canadian Government procurement vendors of Information technology services and devices. Includes information on current public sector and IT suppliers topics. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Landscape and Lawns - Directory of Canadian landscaping companies, offering searchable listings consumers to find local landscape services. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - A free directory dedicated with localized business listings for companies and services across Canada. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - In-depth alphabetical listing of companies in various industries. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Manta Canada - Directory of Canadian companies organized by industry and location. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • MyDotCa - A directory of sites using '.ca' domain names, categorized with a search engine. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - A building trade directory for home owners, designers, architects and building contractors who want to locate reviewed trades and businesses. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Pagini Canadiene - A directory of Romanian-Canadian businesses across the country. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • ProFile Canada - Lists more than 1,000,000 Canadian companies with information including address, phone and fax numbers, products and services. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Retirement In Canada - A library with recreation, finance, and personal services information for retirement planning purposes. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Directory of wholesalers, selling to retailers only, with vendors listed by category. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Online business directory services with business and residential listings from coast to coast. Includes phone listings, driving directions, maps, and addresses for local or national businesses. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • The Canadian Concierge Directory - A virtual trade association for personal concierge and errand services in Canada, designed for networking, support and to promote the service industry. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • The Landscape Network - Directory of landscapers, outdoor contractors, and suppliers of related products. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - A directory of businesses owned by Canadian Tamils or catering to the community. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Large resource of human-edited Canadian websites sorted by popular categories. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Search database with information about businesses throughout Canada. Also provides social networking, reviews and recommendations. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - A directory of Canadian businesses categorized by keywords. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )


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