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Welcome to our Canadian Directory service. This directory is derived from the Canadian component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Association for Canadian Studies - National organization exclusively dedicated to the promotion of research, teaching and publications on Canada. Bilingual with French and English versions. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Association of Canadian Community Colleges - Represents colleges and institutes to government, business and industry, in Canada and internationally. Lists its members, programs and services, events, resources, job opportunities, and press releases. [English/French] (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada - Complete and up-to-date information on Canadian higher education, Universities and Colleges, publications, international activities, scholarships, advocacy, and related information. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Association of Private Language Schools - Provides information about English or French as a second language (ESL, FSL) at member language schools. Offers a searchable database and contact information of schools. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Association of University Teachers - Founded in 1951, CAUT is the national voice for academic staff. Represents 30,000 teachers, librarians, researchers and other academic professionals. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators - Supports Montessori school administrators, recognizing AMI/MACTE standards and offering expertise in school administration and the Montessori Method of education. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Dyslexia Association - Information and resources for teachers, schools and parents whose child is dyslexic. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Education Association - Dedicated to the improvement of education in Canada. Provides information about its programs, news, research and policy, and publications. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Federation of Students - Formed in 1981 to provide post-secondary students with a united voice. Comprised of over 400,000 students from more than 60 students' unions across Canada. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Home and School Federation - National umbrella organization for parents who participate in education at local and provincial levels. Formerly named Canadian Home and School and Parent-Teacher Federation. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Linguistics Association (CLA) - Founded in 1955, CLA aims to promote the study of languages and linguistics in Canada. Also publishes a scholarly journal and organizes an annual conference. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Mathematical Society - Works to advance and promote mathematics studies across the country. Includes publications, meetings, student contests, and teaching career listings. [English/French] (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Philosophy of Education Society - An educational organization devoted to philosophical inquiry into educational issues and their relevance for developing educative, caring, and just teachers, schools, and communities. Includes a newsletter and information on membership, conferences, and awards. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS) - Dedicated to bringing together historians, philosophers, sociologists, and a wide range of interdisciplinary scholars interested in exploring all aspects of science. Provides news, membership information, a newsletter, and information regarding its yearly conferences. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD) - Canada's professional association focused on training, learning and performance in the workplace. Aims to be a strategic world leader driving excellence in workplace learning and impacting business success. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference - Brings together undergraduate students from across Canada to interact with world-class technology leaders in industry and academia. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian Universities - A network for Canadian university and college students. Includes Canadian university rankings, scholarship information and a forum to help prospective Canadian university students. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Children First - A privately funded program to offer tuition assistance grants to parents who could not otherwise afford an independent elementary school for their children. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Coaching Association of Canada - Not-for-profit organization with the mission to establish education, training and ethical standards for coaches in Canada. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Community Learning Network - A site designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into the classroom. Provides over 5,800 annotated links to educational sites with free resources, all organized by theme pages and keyword search. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Council of Ministers of Education in Canada - National voice for education in Canada. Mechanism through which ministers consult and act on matters of mutual interest, and the instrument through which they consult and cooperate with national education organizations and the federal government. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Curriculum Services Canada - Non-profit charitable organization providing learning resources for teaching professionals. Includes book reviews and reading lists. Available in English and French. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • CWA/SCA Canada Online Outreach Project - Provides information on employment rights in Canada. Aims to ensure that workers are being justly treated at work. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • First Nations Education Council - Association of 21 Aboriginal communities that have united their efforts in the field of education. Purpose is to unify the strengths of its members in order to create a common front. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • High School Scholarships - Provides a comprehensive list of scholarships for high school students. Financial aid resources are listed both based on grade level such as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, and on school type such as public or private. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada - A group of parents across Canada, supported by a legal team and home school friendly staff who work together to ensure rights to direct the education of one's own children. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Koinonia Christian Schools - Consists of 10 evangelical non-denominational Protestant Christian schools serving Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Describes its programs and employment opportunities. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Canada - The LDAC is a national, non-profit voluntary organization which was founded in 1963 and incorporated in 1971. It is dedicated to advance the education, employment, social development, legal rights and general well-being of people with learning disabilities. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Movement for Canadian Literacy - National non-profit organization representing literacy coalitions, organizations and individuals. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium - PNWCSC - Facilitates development of Canadian studies at institutions of higher education in the US Pacific Northwest, and to enhance cooperation, joint programming, and information sharing among Canadian Studies programs and faculty in the Pacific region. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • TESL Canada - National federation of English as a Second Language teachers, learners and learner advocates. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • The Canadian Association of Principals - Presents the views and opinions of principals and vice-principals regarding a variety of issues. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • The Canadian Hyperlexia Association - Information on a syndrome which interferes with language and social interaction, coupled with a precocious ability to read. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )


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