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Welcome to our Canadian Directory service. This directory is derived from the Canadian component of the DMOZ directory. The DMOZ Directory project was the largest human edited directory on the planet. The DMOZ directory project is not currently being actively maintained however there is an active archive site. Even though the sites listed in the directory are not being updated, I still believe the archive has utility and many of the listed sites are still active on the net. I believe it is unfortunate that they stopped actively maintaining the project as I think it was an excellent world wide directory of websites.

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  • Canadian Senate Digest - A weblog reporting and commenting on the activities of the Senate of Canada, its committees, members, its past and future. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Canadian-politics - Covers all aspects of Canadian politics and how to improve Canadian political institutions. Includes a discussion forum. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy - A non-profit organization that promotes honest, accountable, responsible government. Features commentary, news, and a discussion about refederation. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Civics Channel - A non-profit, non partisan organization supporting research, teaching and learning in the areas of citizenship and society, politics, human rights and the justice system. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Energy Council of Canada - A non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of Canada's national energy policy. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Equal Voice - A multi-partisan action group dedicated to increasing the political presence of women and women elected to all levels of political office in Canada. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Institute for Canadian Values - States that values such as personal effort and responsibility, traditional families, limited government and public accountability are intrinsically Canadian. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Manning Centre for Building Democracy - A builder and supporter of conservative research, training and communications vehicles. Articles and news. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Maple Leaf Web - Portal site for Canadian political education. Includes news, analysis, web polls, chat rooms and other resources. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Number Four - Discusses Canadian politics and political problems with emphasis on differences between US and Canadian political institutions. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Outrageous Canadian Political Facts - Site crusades against perks for politicians, God in the Constitution and taxes. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • - Non-partisan resource on Canadian politics and policy issues for analysts, advocates, journalists and citizens. Provides analysis that goes beyond the headlines from various ideological perspectives. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Public Policy Forum - Serves as a neutral, independent forum for open dialogue on public policy, to encourage reform in public sector management and excellence in government. [English/French] (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Rock the Vote - A non-profit, non-partisan organization promoting political and social youth activism. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • The Council of Canadians - An independent, non-partisan citizens' interest group providing a critical and progressive voice on key national issues. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )
  • Vive le Canada - Advocates involvement of Canadians in grassroots efforts to protect and improve Canadian sovereignty and democracy in the era of corporate globalization and U.S. empire. (Added: 24-Feb-2011 Hits: )


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